Real Estate Agents & Brokers in West Virginia

With a population of around 1868000, West Virginia is an urban community located in the Southern region of United States. Median income of the people in West Virginia is estimated to be around $39000. 52% of the residents of WV are married and occupy 28% of the households including their family and children. 61% of the residents hold a professionalized white collar jobs and the rest 39% hold blue collared jobs. Almost 64% of the homes in West Virginia are self occupied with 25% available on rent and the rest 11% unoccupied.

Real estate in West Virginia has hundred of houses available on sale. From single family homes and condos to luxury homes West Virginia’s real estate brokers provides it all. Listings on accurate information providing comprehensive details on property like number of rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. Some real estate agents in West Virginia also provide detailed information on the neighborhood, nearby schools and stores. Clients and visitors just have to enter the location required to buy real estate and the price at which the estate is to be bought. A client can easily discover online, choose the correct house and make the right decision. Also the clients who wish to sell real estate can also consult the same.

Newly constructed homes as well as pre-built homes on sale are available in West Virginia. Online websites of real estate property in West Virginia provide listings of N number of properties for the client to choose accordingly. Online search option for real estate properties provide an extensive range of database on the listing providing property’s history, photos and also all of the details. Information on additional features like balcony, pool, yard, lawn interior furnishings and many more are also provided. An appropriate realtor or an agency service can provide exact information regarding the estate. Some of the places in West Virginia are listed below which provide homes on sale:


Located in Logan County with population of 585, Accoville is a small rural community which lies within West Virginia. On an average, total household income of individuals is estimated to be around $28000. 57% of the residents are married which occupy 34% of the total households. 53% of the people hold professionalized white collared jobs while the rest 47% hold blue collared jobs. 74% of the houses are self occupied with 20% provided on rent and the rest 5% is unoccupied.


Located in Greenbrier County with population of around 1194, Alderson is a small rural county which lies within West Virginia. An estimated income of households is around $25000. 48% of the residents are married which occupy 26% of the households including their families and children. 53% of the houses are self occupies with 34% provided on rent and the rest 13% is unoccupied. A normal house in Alderson, West Virginia costs around $30000.