Real Estate Agents & Brokers in Utah

With a total population of 2901006, Utah is an urban community located in Western United States. It is the 13th largest state in which 80% of the population resides in Wasatch Front. This urban community has a median household income of $58000. 57% of the residents are married and occupy 43% of households including their families and children. 63% of the population has white collared job and the rest 37% hold blue collared jobs. 62% of the homes in Utah are self occupies whereas the other 27% provided on rent and the rest 11% is unoccupied.

Real estate in Utah has their listed home online as well as in estate agencies. Through online sources, clients and the ones who want to sell real estate or buy real estate in Utah have an easy access to 100s of database providing details on the same. Clients can consult professionalized and trained realtors to get these details on real estate property in Utah. Just through a click clients can search and get results on price, location and other property details. Property details of condos, townships and many other types of homes can be accessed through these sites of real estate property in Utah. Real estate agents in Utah also provide detailed information on selected property’s neighborhood and nearby schools location. Some of regions with real estate availability in Utah are:


Located in Utah County with population of around 10200 people, alpine is a sub-urban community. It has median household income of around $108000. 66% of the residents are married and occupy 57% of households combining their families and children. 69% of the total households hold a white collar jobs and the rest 31% of the residents hold blue collared jobs. 77% of the total population has self owned houses with 17% living on rent and the rest 6% of the houses are unoccupied. Median sale price of real estate property in Alpine was around $445000 in the previous year. 6% of the unoccupied homes can be searched and opted consulting professional real estate brokers or an estate agency.


Located in salt lake county with population of just 400 people, Alta is a small rural community. Median household income of people in Alta is estimated to be around $262000. 42% of the residents in Alta are married and occupy 24% of the households including their family and children. 42% of the residents hold a proper white collared jobs and the rest 58% of the residents hold blue collared jobs. Ratio of blue collared jobs is more than the white collars but the estimated income of the residents is comparatively high. 31% of the total homes are self occupied by Alta residents with 21% of the houses provided on rent and the rest 48% is unoccupied. Comparing to other regions, Alta has more un-occupied homes.